Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tata Nour Jammal 1925 - 2008

From Tata

Josie and I had to take a sudden trip to the east coast for services for my Grandmother, Nour Jammal. It was pretty crazy to get everything together and go, especially with Josie, but I sure am glad that I did. Josie did surprisingly well on the plane. Luckily we had cousin Anthony with us. He did surprisingly well, too ;-). It was really amazing to have all of the family together to celebrate Tata's life. I cant even put into words how much I will miss her and I know that is how each of us feels. The services were beautiful! To see how many people she had in her life and whose lives she had touched was truly amazing. I think about her everyday. I think about what she would do if she were to be holding Josie and how she would be squeezing her so tight with a grin ear to ear and those crazy kisses she would give. I cant believe how much love my grandmother had for everyone that crossed her path. There are so many stories to tell about my grandmother. I will tell all of them to Josie. She will be talking to her children about Tata Nour. I will add more pictures to this album soon.

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