Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Pics Finally...

From Josie.1

Well, things here are going very well. Sometimes better than others that is for sure. Josie is amazing! Thank goodness my mom has been here. My aunt was here too for a few days and that was great. Anyways, I have finally posted some new pictures. Check them out.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Josephine Eleanor Ruggles (AKA Josie)

From Josephine Eleanor Ruggles 10.26.2008

JOSIE COMES HOME...just a few pics of Josies first few days at home. The first night was pretty rough but it didnt take long for us to figure it out.

From Baby Girl Ruggles

Welcome Josephine Eleanor Ruggles!!! She was finally born on Sunday, October 26th, at 9:41 PM. At 6lbs, 15oz, 19.5" long, she's perfect! Josephine after my Mom and Eleanor after Scott's Grandmother. It was a long day Sunday having started labor at 2am. Things went rather quickly but then really slowed down, etc...if anyone is interested in those details, give a call or text ;-). In the end, it all worked out perfectly for all of us. We stayed in the hospital until Tuesday. I wanted to stay for 6 months. Everyone there was so great. But we are home now and "super stoked." More sleep would be nice but I'm sure we'll have more time for that when she's 30. Check out the pics.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baby Shower #2

From 10.04.2008 Weekend

Last Saturday (10.4.08) was our West Coast Baby Shower. The weather in Santa Barbara has been amazing lately. Too hot, actually, if you ask me, but I am sweating for two. But on Saturday...the day of our shower, which was supposed to be at the rained! Turned out amazing nonetheless. We had it at Maggie's Pre-School, Creative Kids, and it was perfect thanks to the "Tuesday Night" ladies and the help of our families. Mario and Meghan did the food which I think everyone thoroughly enjoyed. If anyone would like Meghan to cater an even of theirs, please contact me. She is an amazing chef and caterer! It was so great to have our family from out of town there. My Aunt, Uncle and Cousins came from Orange County and Scott's sisters and Mom came from the north and Dad and Gayle from the south. Not to mentioned long time family friends. We couldnt have asked for a better day. We were showered with gifts for our little girl and we are pretty much ready to go now. Well, I need another week or so then she can come whenever she wants. ;-) I have a few pics to post and I'm sure I will have more to come I think from my aunts camera. They are of the whole weekend, not just the shower.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

We really met...

I just came across this picture recently and I realized that the first time I met Scott was on this day. We were at a mutual friends house, late 2006. I think it was in Ojai. Scott was there for someone's birthday and I had gone with a couple of friends to ride the track (that's me in the green). Towards the end of the day we met really quick and then my friends and I took off. We made such lasting impressions on each other that we totally forgot about that. It took us a few dates to realize that we had seen each other (probably many times) before.

The rest of our visit...

From New England July/Aug 2008

Scott and I were back east for about 12 days. We were able to take some time to see a little bit of New England (Rhode Island, Cape Cod, New Hampshire). We did a trolley tour of downtown Boston. I felt like such a tourist in my own town but I couldn't do all of the walking so it actually worked out well. I didn't realize that Scott had never taken the T before. That was pretty cool. He looks pretty good riding those long escalators. And of course we spent as much of our time as possible visiting with the family.

Baby Shower #1

From Baby Shower, Boston, 07.27.08

In July, we traveled to the east coast to visit my family. Scott's first introduction to most of them was at our (first) baby shower which was in July. It was at my Uncle Tony and Aunt Stacey's (;-)) house. They have an amazing back yard with a pool. Everyone put a lot of work into making it very nice. The weather was perfect. It had been threatening to rain but it was not too sunny or hot. Not cold. A little overcast. And it didnt start to rain until the second the party was over. That would have been a huge bummer. It was a lot of fun. I always love to have all (or most) of the family together at parties. Especially at Uncle Tony and Aunt Stacey's house. The kids love swimming in the pool and Stacey makes the best ice coffees.

Catching up...

From wedding 07.19.08

Well most of you know that Scott and I are married and expecting a baby girl...pretty much any day now. The official due date is 10.29.08. We havent decided on a name yet, although there are a few contenders. We've been very busy trying to prepare. In any case, we wanted to create this blog for family and friends who are not physically close to us. We'll start by posting some pics of our little wedding ceremony that we had in July. It was very short notice and most of our family could not be there so we are planning to do it again sometime in the near future.