Friday, October 31, 2008

Josephine Eleanor Ruggles (AKA Josie)

From Josephine Eleanor Ruggles 10.26.2008

JOSIE COMES HOME...just a few pics of Josies first few days at home. The first night was pretty rough but it didnt take long for us to figure it out.

From Baby Girl Ruggles

Welcome Josephine Eleanor Ruggles!!! She was finally born on Sunday, October 26th, at 9:41 PM. At 6lbs, 15oz, 19.5" long, she's perfect! Josephine after my Mom and Eleanor after Scott's Grandmother. It was a long day Sunday having started labor at 2am. Things went rather quickly but then really slowed down, etc...if anyone is interested in those details, give a call or text ;-). In the end, it all worked out perfectly for all of us. We stayed in the hospital until Tuesday. I wanted to stay for 6 months. Everyone there was so great. But we are home now and "super stoked." More sleep would be nice but I'm sure we'll have more time for that when she's 30. Check out the pics.

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